chimp turntable

this 3d turntable represents the progress on my latest attempt at completing the chimpanzee model. click the image to view the turntable.

4th start over (and probably not the last)

this, i think, is my fourth rendition of the chimp and the one i am most satisfied with. there are some major adjustments that i see i need to make, but i think this time i can do it without starting from scratch… again. adjustments i need to make need to be applied to the underlying form, such as the hand, which i think is too flat, straight, or planar—it needs to curve a bit more like the feet. sometimes i get lost in the details and forget about the overall form. luckily, zBrush allows a lot of leeway in respect to making more “global” changes in the overall form of the object while retaining all of the upper-level detail. zBrush renders, 2007.

hand hair test

same info as the head below, except… it’s a hand.

early hair test

this is an early hair simulation test i created in an application i no longer use. without too much effort, this is what i came up with. i also used a normal map and cavity map to test how well the details from my sculpting in zBrush would transfer to another application. in the future, the hair and maps will be applied in blender. render from a previously used 3d application, 2005.

first attempt

only the second model i ever attempted.  as you can see the result is undesirably cartoon-like, hence the multiple attempts (seen above) since then.  this was created before i knew about ZBrush, so it was extremely tedious even to get this amount of form to the model without the ability to sculpt shapes and details, especially for being only my second model.  i’ll get it right one day… one day.


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