photo restoration and composite

photo restoration and composite done for a friend. 2007

photo restoration

photo restoration done for a friend. 2007

speed sketch: shame

well, i haven’t drawn in a loooooong time, but i decided to give the new PaintStop plugin for zBrush a try and see if i could draw an asian woman from memory.  so, no reference for this one, which might be apparent (except a vivid mental image of distaste for my ex-wife who is from South Korea).  it’s almost eerie how life-like this tool is… i love it!  destructive criticism welcome.  PaintStop pencil sketch on standard canvas. September 2009

obligatory uterine vision

my favorite piece from my freshman year at college—beginning drawing 1 i believe the class was called. the theme was to pick a masterpiece from any era or genre and make it “my own”. i can’t remember the name of the sculptor, per say, but i picked a stone sculpture by leonardo (not da vinci) somebody-or-other. it was simply a woman who looked like she was emerging from the rock itself. taking that into account, i decided my woman would be emerging from water… but i didn’t want to tackle drawing believable water because it seemed too difficult. so, i opted to draw her as if she was escaping some type of ribboned wall. now that i reflect upon the decision, i wish i had attempted the water, because the meaning behind the image i wanted to convey was one of fertility and the innate obligation that most women feel to bear children and enter motherhood and how empowering possession of that ability must be. I wanted to project the feeling that the woman herself was inside a womb. i have plans to attempt my original concept again incorporating my new found interest in digital art.  colored pencils on standard drawing paper. 2001

catholic angels

this is a portrait commissioned to me by a well-known catholic family whom i had the pleasure of knowing and befriending in my home town. the original reference image had these two twins of 11 total children (was the count at the time…) sitting on a bench on their front porch. improvising, i replaced the bench and background with wings and stylistic halos for the pair. i don’t remember the exact dimensions, but this is the largest drawing i have ever done at over thirty-two inches wide. this low-res image from a 2.0 megapixel camera is the only copy i retain, but the family assures me that it is framed and hangs high. this is my favorite portrait i’ve ever done.  graphite on thick poster board.


i never did all that well as far as grades/marks are concerned in my art classes. no, quite the contrary; i seemed to fair better in my more technical courses. take this painting for example. it was one of five assigned paintings due by the end of that semester—it is the only one i finished. it seems that i disagree with deadlines. needless to say, i failed the beginning painting course. the canvas was stained with coffee (mmm… coffee) and tea. the bust was stippled using acrylic and q-tips, and the grapes are a prop from a crafts store.

graphic design class: dragon alphabet

the english alphabet characterized as stylistic dragons. a simple project from my graphic design II class in college. colored pencils on thick poster board.

graphic design class: “photoshop tips”

graphic design class project – create a magazine cover. 2007

graphic design: “career highway”

graphic design class project – create a career billboard ad for UACCM. 2007

graphic design class: petroleum technology billboard

graphic design class project – create a billboard advertising a program offered by UACCM. 2006

black and gray and white

this is a contrast study done my junior year (and last year) in high school. i did a lot of sketches during junior and senior high school that somehow went missing, which is unfortunate because it was an expressive time for me—artistically speaking.  graphite on thick poster board. 1999

picture completion

high school art project – picture completion. 1998

dragon emblem

high school art project – create an emblem.  i’m not really sure what i was thinking, but i had an affinity for dragons at this time, apparently. 1997

dragon possession

just an unfinished sketch.


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