q:: what is the purpose of this site/blog?

a:: this site/blog will serve as an infrequently updated portfolio of personal and professional projects, both complete and incomplete (works-in-progress [w.i.p’s]). comments and constructive critiques are encouraged.

q:: what is an inverted normal?

a:: in the context of mathematics and 3d computer graphics, a normal is the direction that a defined surface is facing, and that direction is represented by a line (imaginary line) perpendicular to the surface. an inverted normal is a surface whose direction faces in the opposite of that intended (this sometimes occurs when creating new surfaces/faces in 3d modeling programs). this is generally an adverse effect making that surface invisible when viewed from its intended direction until the surface is “normalized” (made to face the correct direction).

the logo at top-left of this page represents this incident in an iconic way where the surface (area between the lines and center dot) is transparent.

i created this design to be minimalistic, decently scalable, and most of all understandable to those coming from a background in 3d graphics—and to those who just read the explanation.

logo = my own

logo background = curved by mickka [altered]

*all images and content on this site/blog are my sole intellectual and digital property unless otherwise explicitly stated. you may not use said property in any way without my express, written consent.